Kunda·ism: {/ Celebrating the appreciation of Kunda /}  
Lifestyle. Philosophy. Cuisine.
Kundaism; a private or shareable natural experience, the stimulation of mind and body, a state of spontaneous fulfilment. Kundaism has become an internationally accepted lifestyle choice dedicated to refining personal pleasure, development of educated habits for ultimate wellbeing. 

[ 1 ]   Ceremonial culture embodying the laws or doctrines of a belief system.
[ 2 ]  Emotional fulfillment and super natural pleasures derived from Kunda.
[ 3 ]  Worshipping ritual by loyal devotees. Practitioners of quasi-religious act.
[ 4 ]  Enthusiastic reaction {/ pleasure via palate /}  from educated eating. 
[ 5 ]  Self-fulfillment. Achievement of desire. E.g. Satisfaction.
[ 6 ]  Culinary adventure. Typically, one celebrating a particular event or anniversary.

Journey in personal taste

What is Kundaism? 
Kundaism is an internationally adaptable lifestyle, a 99.9% plant based dietary philosophy developed by the founders of Kunda Cafe. One individual's Kundaism may be awakened by Karma and/or shared by invitation. Since the very beginning, it has been this evolutionary energy that has created the concept of Kundaism in human beings. Currently with a 'viral-cult following, eventually, the whole world will know about Kundaism.

The official Kundaism temple of ceremony, Kunda Vegan Vegetarian Cafe, is now 'Open to Public' since 2018 and consistently remains the #1 restaurant and cafe in the Chiang Rai province. 

Kundaism is an intellectual movement of the early 21st century emphasizing wellness and individualism rather than tradition. Heavily influenced by Kunda Cafe philosophers such as Chef Lena, Martin, and Sister Ya and its prominent weekly exponents include Super Mon, Palm, Naja, Susan, Tatdy and Anna. Teachings available daily through appointment. Bookings are essential.

Is Kunda  spreading?
Yes, Kunda is expanding with every member. Kunda is fully responsible for the 'Fastest spreading' lifestyle choice of 2020. The viral trending 'Eat Kunda' memes and online interest has made Kunda world famous. The global access to the ultimate state of wellbeing has never tasted this good. The sudden viral 2020 focus into 'finger licking pleasures' stems from the popular belief system Kundaism. Established since 2011 and practiced daily by the founders of Kunda Cafe, Chiang Rai, Thailand. Love served daily.

Kunda: {/ Khun·Dah /} Restaurant. Cafe. Home of Calm and Karma.
Kunda Cafe is an 18+ adult escape location, offering daily fresh, home style entertainment. Kunda is an experience, a quasi-religious act. The 100% authentic and premium taste of Kunda is only achieved via a full spectrum plant-based culinary diet. First come. First served. Everyone is treated equal. Karma served from 9:00am - 4:20pm. No service Monday.

Kunda·s: {/ Khun·Dah·s /} Officially ordained via ceremony at the Temple of Kundaism.
The growing community achieving self-fulfillment through the trained art of appreciation, worshipping and eating Kunda.  

Kunda·gasm: {/ Khun·Dah·Ga·Sim /}
Movement. Emotion. Addictive.
Guilt free foodgasm; achieving instant happiness through practicing Kunda-ism. Private and/or shared experience. Induced through repetitive action with rhythmic stimulation. The celebration of Kunda provides multiple potential health benefits.

The official Kunda manuscript titled EAT KUNDA has over 9+ years of requests. This book is based on the success of two infamous number #1 rated restaurants. As promised, Kunda Co. Ltd. will let you know when it becomes public. Join the 'Members Only' guestlist today.  

*Available to registered Kundaism members only. Support Kundaism. Eat Kunda.
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